Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanks to all for making this year so much fun. We had a perfect fall morning; I don't think you can ask for more than that in November in Idaho. We will be back and bigger in 2009. Enjoy the photos and if you want more just email me.

1. Kory Wheatley 1:14:40 (New Course Record)
2. Dan Bruner 1:23:50
3. Bill Mandler 1:23:56
4. Murphy Woodhouse 1:28:09
5. Ray Mullenax 1:31:28
6. Barry Ames 1:32:01
7. Brett Campbell 1:33:17
8. Barry Smith 1:34:38
9. Greg Green 1:36:50
10. Lloyd Jensen 1:38:00
11 Tom Mortimer 1:41:55
12. Terry Jensen 1:45:59
13. Sherwin D'Sousa 1:46:03
14. Joe Mullins 1:48:40
15. Victor Bennett 1:49:21
16. Lowell Hawkes 1:51:26
17. Brett Bawden 1:51:36
18. Jay Routson 1:55:39
19. Will Eckersell 2:00:28
20. Lance Clark 2:03:19
21. Jared Mecham 2:04:45
22. Bill Woodhouse 2:05:31
23. Matt Heiman 2:08:38
24. Devin Mecham 2:28:42
25. Seth Scott 2:39:55


1. Josie Magee 1:42:03
2. Kathy Waller 1:52:08
3. Gwne Coleman 1:52:24
4. Jessica Peltan 1:52:29
5. Bret Buchanan 1:53:54
6. Susan Wells 1:58:25
7. Amy Callahan 2:05:43
8. Christina Melancon 2:07:00
9. Serena Konecky 2:10:41
10. Bridget Marshall 2:12:33
11. Susan Swetnam 2:15:00
12. Sarina Labrum 2:22:07
13. Vanessa Sutton 2:22:53
14. Christi Youngberg 2:22:53
15. Carrie Davis 2:25:36
16. Maria Bott 2:25:39
17. Amy Mclaughlin 2:26:45
18. Jennifer Campbell 2:28:47
19. Tracy Hansen 2:28;47
20. Kabai Bills 2:30:57
21. Tara Scott 2:39:55
22. Stephanie Olsen 2:39:55
23. Becky Dodge 2:45:35
24. Jamie Busenbark 2:45:35

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Final Race Details:

Just Cuz 3 Half Marathon
November 1, 2008
Start 10:13 at Beaver Pond Parking Lot, top of Mink Creek Rd

1. Course

Well, I received many strange looks and almost got hit by a motorcycle and several cars but the course is now marked. Whew. I think it is pretty darn close to being 13.1 exactly. Those of you with garmins will probably be off just a little here and there but in the end it should be close enough to call a half marathon. We will be running against traffic so that is where the mile markers are. Please be warned....WARNING..... We have no official escort so you are on your own for safety on the course. Please yield the right of way when necessary. I will have a liability waver for all to sign before the race begins. Also...the first couple of miles of the race are very, very fast. Keep this in mind so you don't pay for it later on in the race.

2. Aid Stations and Potties.

There will be a porta potty at the start, at mile 9.8 (across from Indian Hills) and at the finish. The potty at Cherry Springs is open ( at mile 4ish) and the Chevron on Bannock Hwy has open potties (between miles 8-9). Aid stations will be at mile 4, 7 and 11. I have Carb Boom Gel and will have water and Gatorade as a minimum at each station. If you prefer a different Gel please feel free to bring it along. Also, you can prestash water if you need it more often...just remember to go back and clean up your bottles after the race. I will have a garbage bag at each station. If you are flying and don't want to take the time to hit the garbage that is fine but please try to toss the cups ect near the aid station so we can see them to clean them up. The aid stations will be help yourself. I am not sure if I will have volunteers at all of them . We will do our best to have it all laid out nicely so you can get what you need fast.

3. Getting to the start.

Wow. I didn't know that we would have such a great turn out this year...with that comes the problem of transport. Hindsight.. we need a bus. That will happen next year. This year, if you have someone to drop you off at the start that would be best. If you want to car pool to the top we will meet at Centennial Park and leave no later than 9:15. If you park at the top we will have someone shuttling back to the top after the race finishes. If you are in a hurry to leave after the race I wouldn't count on the shuttle.

4. Prizes

There will be a prize for first male and female and for best male and female skirt...yes, there will be a few men brave enough to wear skirts. For everyone there will be yummy food at the end.

Special thanks for very generous donations go to:

Lowell Hawks
Dr. Sherwin D'sousa
Dr. Fahim Rahim

You guys are the best!!!!

5. Shirts and race #.

We will not have traditional race numbers. Instead, we will go cross-country style. We will give you a sticky name tag to put on your shirt and when you cross the finish line you need to peel it off and give it to the finish line "official". They will then place it on a poster board in the order of your finish and write your time on it. I know....FUN. Instant results. We will hand these out in the parking lot at the start. This parking lot has a sign that says "Beaver Pond Trail" or something like that. If your name tag falls off we will just write your name in.

I think the best place to hand out shirts is at the end. I will have those who have preordered marked with your name on them so you will be sure to get your size.

I think that is it for now. Can't wait to see all of you on Saturday. Josie

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Latest and Greatest

It is time for all those last minute runners to get me your applicatons. If you don't have one email me at and I will send you one. I need shirt sizes this week. Right now we have more than doubled last years entries.

Brett and I ran the course yesterday and wow! What a really great course. I think everyone will have a great race. Pray for a sunny day.

Monday, October 6, 2008



NOV. 1, 2008

WHEN: 10:13 AM ...


HOW MUCH: $25.00

Congrats to everyone who just finished St. George! I heard that it was a cold, rainy race; my hat is off to all of the finishers. Now on to the next big goal. We have 26 days until Just Cuz. I am hoping for a crisp, sunny day.

If you still need an application please send me an email or a comment here on the blog site. If you have an application please email, snail mail, or drop it by my house. I am finalizing the shirt and would love to have a size count for everyone participating. Entry fees can be sent to me via snail mail or just drop it in my home mail box at 604 S. 19Th. I know it is a bit old school but....this is kind of a retro race anyway.

There is a big parking lot about 150 feet from the starting line near the top of Mink Creek Rd. For those needing a ride to the start we will meet at Centennial Park at 9:15 and carpool to the starting line like we did last year. I will also shuttle back to the start after the race to pick up cars if needed.

Make sure to run a few downhill miles; your quads will thank you later.

Keep Smiling, Josie

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just Cuz Baby

Please mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual Just Cuz Half Marathon.

When: Saturday November 1, 2008

Gun: 10:13 exactly...more or less.

Distance: 13.1 miles, starting at the top of Mink Creek near Crystal Summit, following Mink Creek Road until you merge onto Bannock Highway, turning left on South Grant and finally ending at Centennial Park

Details: This run is for runner wannabe's, joggers, walkers, couch potatoes, and the occasional serious runner. New, there will be a special prize for the best skirt in both the male and female categories so feel free to be creative.

If you are interested in particpating or volunteering please contact me at and I will send you an application. More info to follow.