Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Cuz 2010 Info:

Just Cuz Half Marathon Info Sheet
Bib pick up: You can pick up packets/bibs two ways 1- from the community rec center (144 Wilson Ave) Friday from 6-8 pm. 2- Race day at the FINISH line from 8-9:30. Your packet will include your timing chip, a super cool bib, some papers, and possibly a shirt. Wear your timing chip on your ankle. It is really easy and critical to the timer’s sanity.

Transportation: Parking at the top is somewhat limited. At about 9:30 and 9:45 we will run a shuttle to the top from Centennial Park. Only get on the bus if you intend to run/walk back to the park. The busses will not go back to the finish line. Bring a bag with you so you can ditch your extra clothes or gear at the top and we will have it for you at the finish line. Do NOT miss the shuttles. If you are there at 10:00 and there isn’t a bus or van, pick up your bag and drive to the top. You are going to be late.

Aid: We plan to have aid stations at miles 3, 4.5, 7, 9, and 11. Quality may vary. Mile 3-lightly manned water station 4.5- bathrooms, water, energy drink, hammer gel, clothing drop 7- water and energy drink, 1 bathroom 9- water, energy drink, hammer gel, bathrooms 11- table of temptation and full aid with bathroom. If you need more water than this please carry some. If Hammer gel doesn’t agree with you, carry or stash your brand of choice.

Finish Line: At Centennial Park we will have food.and lots of drinks. Awards are at 12:30 but people are likely to continue to finish after that. The staff will be there until the last person crosses or is declared ‘done’ by a doctor. If the weather is terrible we will make plans for an alternate lunch and awards location. There will be a few activities at the finish line to keep you entertained after you finish and before awards.

Course Tips: The first 2 miles are steep and fast. The next 6 are mostly gently downhill. The last 5 miles are flat or rolling. Save some go juice for the last few hills. Just because ding dongs are available at an aid station doesn’t mean you have to eat one. The course will be marked with paint and signs. LEFT ON GRANT IS THE ONLY CRUCIAL TURN. Please run against traffic.
Frozen dairy products: Milk shakes will be awarded to anyone that beats Josie and Lance. I think you should plan on running 1:48 to have a chance at Lance and 1:38 for Josie. In addition to beating us you must be photographed at the table of temptation partaking of a hostess item or something of equal detriment to your health. Twizzlers count as a fruit item, not a treat.

Secret to Happiness: Dressing to the theme: Wild Wild West.

Directions to finish line: From I-15 take the Clark Street Exit (69) and head west on Clark (downhill). Follow Clark all the way down until it becomes Center at the underpass. Merge left and turn left on Arthur (don’t turn Left on Main it is one way). Go south on Arthur until Benton. This is a stoplight intersection, turn right on Benton. Cross the river and turn left on Grant. After abut ¼ mile you will pass a white LDS church on the right and come to Idaho Street on your left. Turn left and you are there. If you are a local it would be helpful if you actually parked at Rainey Park/The Charter School and walked across the bridge.

Directions to the start line: From the finish line drive south on Grant Street. After 1.5 miles it merges with Bannock Highway and continues south. After another 3.5 miles (5 total) you come to the bannock/mink creek intersection. Stay right and head into the hills. It is only 8 more miles on the main road. Our parking lot is shortly after the South Fork road turns off. We are in a gravel lot on the right. Overflow parking is on South Fork Road. If you are coming from the South it may be easier to take the Portneuf Gap exit and take Portneuf Road to Mink Creek. There will be bathrooms at the top for all to enjoy. Last minute packet pickup and registration is done at the FINISH; racers without a timing chip are DNF.

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